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About Longhua

   Sichuan Longhua Film Co.  Ltd., strategically located  in Mianyang, the city of  Electronic Science and Technology in China, has evolved into a major supplier of photovoltaic materials like PC, PMMA film/sheets, etc.  It has developed itself into one of the few global players with capability in manufacturing of mono or multi-layer PC/PMMA substrate films, as well as intensive processing for diverse functionally coated film products. Through research, innovations and continual improvements in 20 years time, we are now equipped with 5 German production lines and have achieved an annual capacity up to 100,000 tons. We have maintained our commitment to provide finest materials for a variety of applications including labels printing, electronics and home appliances insulation. Especially focused on recent years, with the products being widely used to process touch screens and lenses for mobile phones, tablet PCs, and light-guided plates, Longhua Film has stood out as a leading brand in the market place.

Our dedication in enhancing quality and R&D of new materials is key. We have launched various hard coated 2-layer or 3-layer co-extruded PC/PMMA sheets, mono functionally coated PC and PMMA product lines in succession. The birth of PMMA/PC co-extruded film provides effective method suitable for high pressure and heat lamination techniques. Longhua has used its expertise to eliminate technical barriers as currently imported PET films fail in high tensile and high hardness performances, which bringing FIM technology to a new high.

We explore improvements of Quality Management System (ISO9001:2008), Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2004), Occupational Health Safety Management System (QHSAS18001:2007) and sales services system on a long term. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for our customers and Longhua itself.