Optical film for polarizer on displayer

Product Introduction

   Applied for Liquid Crystal Display Polarizer, features low water vapor permeability and high optical transmittance.

   Polarizer Structure

Made from Acrylic Resin        

      Lower Photoelasticity.

      Lower Water Vapor Permeability.

      Biaxial Synchronous Extension features good optical axial by controlling both Machine Direction and Transverse Direction.

Product Advantages

      1.Fulfill the requirement of 2.5m width.

      2.Match up 20~80μm thickness requirement.

      3.Satisfying Ultraviolet proof for Polarizer Outer Layer Protect Film application features varieties of surface treatment.

      4.Features with Low retardation (R0/ Rth) for Plarizer Optical Compensation Layer Application.

      5.Suit for UV glue applied for PMMA and PVA layer lamination process.