Product applications

      LC Displayer issue

      View angle, CR, Color shift,Wash out issue.


Product Introduction

      Optical Axis of  Display Compensation Film is achieved through Biaxial Synchronous Extensio n process technique which also satisfy Roll to Roll lamination process.

      Compensation film for all kinds of displayer type

   Two-axissynchronous stretching

Optical Compensation Film with precisely optical axis

      90 degree optical axis angle control of  MD direction (depends on limitation of material characteristic).

      Satisfying optical retardation (R0/ Rth) requirement (depends on limitation of material characteristic).

Product Advantages

      1.Realize Polarizer and Compensation Film Roll to Roll lamination process requirement.

      2.Satisfy Compensation Film and PVA Layerlaminated by Ultraviolet glue.

      3.Served for various optical compensation requirement such as optical axis, retardation (R0/Rth), etc.