LonghuaEF-211-IMLis a commonly-used substrate film designed to allow various high pressure and thermoforming for IML technique. It is a 2-layer(PMMA/PC) co-extruded product, exhibiting good tensile strength andformability. It achieves significant surface hardness when backinjection molded (2H/750g) without whitening. Its PC side features excellentprintability and good bonding when back molded with suitablematerials. Surface hardness may be further increased through other surfacetreatments


Types & Specifications

Thickness range0.125-0.38mm

Width range930-1230mm

    Customized thickness and widthupon requests

Typical Property Value

PropertiesTest MethodsUnits 
Structuretwo layer
Specific GravityASTM D792g/cm31.2
Light TransmissionJIS K7361%>90
HazeJIS K7136%<1
Yellowness indexASTM D1925<1
UV StabilitynmCan cut off UV below 380nm
Tensile Strength@100JIS K7113MPa35
Elongation at break @100JIS K7113%90

 UV Transmission