LonghuaCR-33xD is a 3-layer structured product, exhibiting good mechanic processibility with significant hardness, as well as excellent impact and abrasion resistance. It is popular choice for mobile phones, tablet PCs, monitors lens applications.

                                          LonghuaCR-33xD Product Structure

Products and Specification

Bare sheets: using LonghuaEF structured sheets.

Hard coating type: double-sided or single-sided hard coating (D stands for double, S stands for single)

Thickness range:0.5-3.0mm;

Customized products available upon inquiries ranging from 0.2-0.4mm.

Standard hard coating product dimension: 440*550mm (customized products available upon order.)

Customized products with different hardness available upon inquiries.

Typical Property Value

PropertiesTest MethodsUnitsLonghuaCR-33xD
Specific GravityASTM D792g/cm31.2
Light TransmissionJIS K7361%>90
HazeJIS K7136%<1
yellowness indexASTM D1925<1
SteelWool abrasion  LH Test100gf/cm2Pass
Pencil  HardnessPMMA@0.8mmJIS-K5600>3H
Tensile  StrengthMDJIS K7113MPa55
TDJIS K711355
Impact strength22g Bullet shapemm>100
AdhesionASTM D33595B
Heat & humidity stability60/95%RH/72hPass
High Heat Resistance60/12HPass
Long Term Heat Resistance40/168HPass
Long Term Low Resistance-20/168HPass
Acid resistance0.50%Pass
Alkali resistance0.50%Pass

AcetoneLH testAll Pass
Chemical resistanceMethanol

Metylene chloride