LonghuaCR-23xx-P  are respectively two-layer co-extruded sheets with contamination-resist coating. Featured with hydro-oleophobicity performance, these products are free of fingerprint and oil stains and easy for cleaning. Further, it provides excellent surface hardness, abrasion resistance, mechanical processibility as well as impact resistance. It is the best choice for mobile phones, tablets PCs and various lens and windows with contamination-resist needs. 

Product Specification

Premasks: Clear premask on function side (contamination-resist), green premask on the other side.

Thickness range: 0.5-3.0mm, Thicknesses below 0.5mm customized upon inquiries.

Product size: 400*550mm, Other spec. customized upon inquiries.

Typical Property Values

Properties Test MethodsUnitsLonghuaCR-23xx-P
Specific GravityASTM D792g/cm31.2
Light TransmissionJIS K7361%>90
HazeJIS K7136%1
Yellowness IndexASTM D19251
Contact AngleWater100°
Steel Wool AbrasionLH Test100gf/cm2pass
Pencil HardnessContamination-resist Side  @0.8mmJIS-K5600/750g3H
Impact Strength22g Steel Ballmm100
AdhesionASTM D33595B
Hum. & Heat Stability60/95%RH/72hpass
High Temp. Test90/1hpass
Chemical ResistanceAcetoneLH Testpasspass